Citywing Aviation Services Limited (in Liquidation)


Dear Sir and/or Madam,

Citywing Aviation Services Limited (in Liquidation)

According to the books and records of the Citywing Aviation Services Limited you or your company may be a creditor of the company. As such please find below a proof of debt in respect of your claim together with a notice confirming the deadline for submission of those claim. Copies of both the form and the notice can be obtained from or

This proof of debt form should be completed and returned, along with any supporting information or documentation, to the address in the attached notice. Please note that any proofs filed after that date may be rejected and therefore not included for any distribution from the liquidation. May I remind you that you may only claim for amounts owed by the company and not yet re-imbursed from other sources (i.e. credit card providers, insurance etc. etc.).

Yours sincerely,

Craig Mitchell
Liquidator of
Citywing Aviation Services Limited (in Liquidation)

Notice by Liqudator to Citywing Creditors re Proof of Debts

Citywing Aviation Services Limited Proof of Debt form

Peregrine Tiagnet ICAEW