15 Minutes Feature, as seen in Business 365 - Craig Mitchell

Craig Mitchell

What were the most memorable 15 minutes of your life so far?

There are so many, it's a tricky question!

What were the worst 15 minutes of your life so far?

When my Granddad died, I was very close to him; in the absence of my own Dad I looked on him more like a father than a grandfather.

If you were stuck in a lift for 15 minutes with somebody past or present who would you least like it to be?

Alex Ferguson.

Where would you choose to go that’s within a 15 minutes drive of your home?

I would drive to the Black Hut on the Mountain road then walk to the top of North Barrule. It’s a fantastic walk. When you reach the top you can see England, Scotland and Ireland, and of course most of the Isle of Man! The last time I walked up there it was mid-February, it was dark and there was a full moon.  The sight of the island all lit up and the view over what was a flat calm Irish Sea was spectacular.

If you could spend 15 minutes with anybody – dead or alive – who would it be?

The 1980 Olympic 100 meter champion Allan Wells, he was my sporting hero when I was a kid!  My claim to fame is that I was asked to step in for Allan when he had to withdraw from an invitational race to open the Sheepmount Athletics track in Carlisle.  He was still there to officially open the track and I got to meet him and get his autograph.  Unfortunately I was only 16 and competing against senior men, including a British international and European Junior Champion.  I came 6th, on a 6 lane track!

What is the best thing you have achieved in just 15 minutes?

As I’ve alluded to in my previous answer I was a bit of an athlete when I was young, mainly competing as a 400 metre runner throughout England and Scotland.  My school had a particularly challenging cross country course which was just less than two and a half miles long.  My personal best time when I left school was 14 minutes and 38 seconds which at the time was the fifth fastest time ever recorded.  I was particularly proud of that especially as I hated distance running with a passion!

Who would you least like to speak to on the phone for 15 minutes?

Telemarketing salespeople!  I know they are only doing their job but sometimes they can be truly annoying, and they always seem to call at the most inconvenient time.

Can you remember being 15?

Yes, because I have a good memory!  It was 1985, a time before mobile phones, selfies, the internet and Facebook, when if you wanted to meet a friend you had to walk to their house and knock on the door and if you wanted to find something out you had to go to the library!  Liverpool FC was the dominant force in football and most of the boys in my school had highlights in their hair and dressed like Don Johnson from Miami Vice.  Regretfully yes I did, on both counts!

If you had only 15 minutes to eat a meal – which dish would you choose?

Spam fritters with poached eggs – it’s the food of the God’s!

If you only had 15 minutes until the world was ending what would you want to do?

What kind of a question is that!?!  Clearly I’d want to spend that time with my family but let’s hope I never have to make that decision.

Peregrine Tiagnet ICAEW